My name is Dropjaw Bertone. I am a songwriter/producer/musician from Gainesville, Florida. Since I was six years old I have been involved in music and performing. My dad's band would rehearse at our house and the drummer would leave his drums there after they were finished rehearsing and I would play on them. After a few days, my dad and I began having our own rehearsals together (my dad playing guitar and/or piano) and within a few weeks I performed for the first time in public with his band. From that point on I have been a full-time musician in my heart and soul and taught myself drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, harmonica and lapsteel.

I released my first solo album "D.N.A." (Dropjaw's New Album) in September, 2005 featuring 10 original songs on which I perform all instruments and vocals. Since then I have released a total of 25 solo albums. My current album is called "Drop For Thought" which was released on June 25, 2017. The front cover features my cat Spike posing with me. He was with me for every song I ever wrote. Sadly 3 weeks after I released this album he passed away on July 21st. In the months before he passed I wrote all of the songs for the next two albums with him. He will always be with me forever.

My dream is to have my songs heard and appreciated around the world. I pursue that dream every day with a passion. Songwriting is my main focus and I love to write in as many forms and genres as possible. I hope you all enjoy my music and I look forward to seeing and hearing from you all soon!

Always with love,
Dropjaw Bertone