Spike flew away on his eternal journey early on the morning of Friday, July 21, 2017. He and I will always be together. And he will forever be the King of the Universe!

May 25, 2017 Spike... my beloved, wonderful and amazing cat of 15 years is having some major health issues. He was admitted to the UF Animal Hospital on May 27, 2017 with severe breathing trouble. He was diagnosed with heart disease, Stage 2 renal failure and anemia. His medical bills are very high and I have maxed out my credit cards to cover the charges. These are life-threatening issues that need immediate attention.
I've never been one to ask for this kind of help but Spike is like my child. We've lived alone together for 15 years and I have written every song with him. Recorded every album with him. He has seen all of my moods, up and down. And I cannot imagine what I would do without him. But the bills are mounting up.
UPDATE June 27, 2017. Spike responded well to the heart medicine for nearly the entire month of June. But today he had to be admitted again to the hospital because his breathing became labored and noisy. He will have to stay overnight in the oxygen chamber and have additional scans performed on him to get him back to feeling better. The doctors are optimistic they can help him.
UDPATE July 10, 2017. Spike went to the vet again this afternoon. He had a minor eye infection which needed treatment. He also got another blood test and an anti-nausea injection. His blood work results all showed improvement. His kidney functions even showed improvement. The doctors did not have any explanation for this improvement but I don't need an explanation. I'm simply grateful for it. I have a feeling it is from all the positive energy everyone has been sending out for him and the constant care and attention I give him each day. But he's lost a lot of weight rather quickly. His appetite has been very low so while he does still eat, he doesn't eat enough. But on the upside, he's actually at his ideal weight of 12 pounds. The goal is to maintain him at this weight. He can't afford to lose much more. At this point I'm out of money to afford anymore vet visits. So that means I need to keep him in the best health on my own at home. His medical bills have gone well into the thousands now.
After the vet visit I asked Spike what he wanted to do. He said he wanted to go to the park (NE Park). So we drove there and I let him see it. Even got out of the car and held him while I showed him the places where I played there as a kid. We're still making history and having new experiences together everyday. And we'll continue doing that as long as Mother Nature will allow.
PLEASE... If anyone is willing to help by donating money for Spike's medical bills I would be beyond grateful. All I can offer in return is my music (free copy of my new solo album and any of my solo albums you want) and my eternal gratitude for helping save Spike. I'm taking a leap of faith here by reaching out to you all for help. Spike is my whole world and still has a lot more to do. But I really need help from anyone who is willing to give it. The link to send your donation is below. THANK YOU! With all my (and Spike's) love!
Spike and Dropjaw Bertone
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